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I have been called, amongst many other things, a “Cultural Creative.” What this means I am not really sure, but I do know I love to write and take pictures.


My writing started with good old analogue letters to my pen-pals in my teens. I always faithfully kept a diary journaling my youthful exploits.I wooed my first, long-distance, girlfriend with whole novellas of my love-lorn out-pourings.  When I eventually moved to Canada I regaled my amazed friends back in the UK with the marvels of my new found home. In the 1990’s my new career demanded that I learned word processing. My first exposure was a Tandy 1000 computer held together with duct tape. From there my ramblings were firmly lodged in the digital domain. Now I can talk into my phone which turns my voice – almost intelligently – into words, so any kind of hand-derived words may well become a thing of the past. In my career as an environmental project manager I honed my writing skills on press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, newsletters, flyers, posters, advertising campaigns, fundraising  and grant-writing proposals, and many technical reports. My book “Nirvana By Installments” has launched me into the world of commercial writing, and I continue to blog at Nirvana by Installments.​


My father owned a Yashika-Mat full format camera. Most of my recollections are frozen-faces kids grimacing at the camera as my dad would ask us to pose endlessly. I recently visited my sister and she dredged up mountains of old family pics that I never knew existed. Now you cant say that of a digital camera. Probably the vast majority of the billions of photographs taken now will never hang on anyone’s wall, or be placed lovingly in a photo album. Aaah that timeless occasion when your best friends insist on showing you their last holiday, in glowing Technicolour, page by painful page. Perhaps digital isn’t such a bad thing after all. At least that embarrassing selfie can be painlessly deleted. No accidental faded embarrassment discovered in the depths of the couch. A selection of my photographs can be found here, on my Flickr account, and my blog Nirvana by Installments.​


There always has been a soundtrack playing in the background of my life. I spent a number of years in the recording business as an engineer and record producer. I met some music greats, both in my work in the London UK music scene, and in Vancouver.

Website Design

I designed this website, helped my wife assemble my blog, and am currently working on the Hello Project website. I find it very rewarding to bring together my love of words, images into an online snapshot.

Video Production

When I ventured into the world of Crowd-funding, I had to learn how to make a video. I am not a pro, but have mastered the fundamentals of Adobe Premier Pro.Here is one example.


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