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1996-1999. Ran a small home-based business, repairing and building and re-selling computer systems

1999 -2001. Organized annual Hazardous Waste Days, collecting thousand of computers for recycling.The whole event was free – it cost nothing to drop off; and everything else was donated. This included a semi-trailer for shipping, fork-lift truck, tents, collection tables to make sorting stations, pallets, pallet jack, and site. And an army of volunteers. The Regional District donated paid advertising to publicize the event.

2003-2005. The Hazardous Waste Days were replaced by a full-time project, consisting of a 2000 sq ft facility, where the public could drop off any computer components for free. I raised $250,000 from various sources to run the project for three years. The program disassembled and recycled, repaired, resold and donated old computers to charities.


Tasks included:

· Research computer recycling programs across North America
· Raise funds from the Federal Eco-Action program and HRDC (Human Resources Development) job creation program
· Oversee three full time employees, and numerous volunteers
· Find suitable facility, and make necessary modifications in accordance with local building regulations
· Design disassembly lines, with sorting and shipping systems, and purchase equipment for facility
· Design training programs for employees and volunteers in a number of computer-related skills.
· Develop materials quality assurance guidelines, and confidential data destruction protocols
· Develop facility safety practices and oversee site safety
· Research and verify markets for various materials, develop contracts with end-user companies and organizations
· Liaise with all necessary government agencies
· Write financial statements and reports to Board of Directors, and write quarterly progress reports to government funding supporters
· Design and implement promotion program, including press releases, posters, flyers, newsletters, magazine articles, advertisements
· Make presentations to local organizations, businesses, schools and government agencies to educate them about computer recycling
· Co-ordinate computer donations for the underprivileged and local charities

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