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SOUND SOLUTIONS, COMOX VALLEY, BC. 1995-2001 Project Leader and Principal Researcher


Sound Solutions was a multi-stakeholder research project including local, provincial and federal government health agencies investigating and finding solutions to the effects of water pollution.

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My tasks were to:
· Assemble multi-disciplinary group consisting of representatives of Environment Canada, BC Environment, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs, BC Shellfish Growers Association, all three local governments, and local citizens groups
· Initiate a public awareness program, which included:
design promotional campaigns
  – issuing a monthly newsletter
  – media press releases and interviews
– newspaper and magazine articles
· Collaborate with the Institute of Health Promotion Research at the University of British Columbia (IHPR) to design a six year research project. This comprised of:
– designing, delivering and research questionnaires, and collating data
  – organizing focus groups, developing questionnaires, and collating data
  – organize two conferences
  – coordinate a public advisory committee, and hold other community meetings
  – co-author peer-reviewed articles for technical journals
  – make presentations to technical conferences
· Collaborate with citizen groups on Hornby Island to design and build a demonstration constructed treatment wetland
· Negotiate with Kensington Island Properties to allocate land for sewage treatment facilities
· Collaborate with various fish steward stewardship and habitat protection groups
· Implement RFP process in partnership with local government to contract engineering studies on wastewater treatment systems
· Collaborate with Bob Gearhart designer of the Arcata Constructed Wetland , the world’s foremost expert on constructed wetlands
· Collaborate with Kim Rink from Ecotek to design a solar aquatics system
· Develop a Onsite sewage manual for septic system owners, in collaboration with BCOSSA (BC Onsite Sewage Association)
· Partner with community organizations to fund and implement various innovative wastewater treatment systems
· Develop a comprehensive study and report of liquid waste alternatives: “Waste To Wealth”
· Assist in developing a successful Liquid Waste Management Plan with the BC Ministry of Environment, providing the necessary public process.









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