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 I provide a number of services to the waste management & recycling industry, and community including:

> Project Management

> Circular Economy Goal Setting and Implementation

> Deconstruction Industry Development

      – SEE HERE:  http://www.richarddrake.net/dedicated-2-deconstruction/

> Composting Operations, Process Control, Licensing, and Siting

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/composting

> Grant Proposals, Fundraising and Crowdfunding

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/conventional-and-crowd-funding

> Creative and Technical writing

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/drake-fine-arts

> Community Development 

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/community

> Video Production, UTube Content Creation and Editing:

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Greener Zone YouTube Channel

> Photography and Image Management 

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/drake-fine-arts/photography

> Website, Blog and Social Media Content Development 

      -SEE HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/nirvanabyinstallments

     – SEE HERE:  this website which I set up and designed

>  Promotional and Publicity Campaigns

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/compucycle

> Public Speaking, Conference Presentations, including Publishing peer Reviewed Publications

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/career/sound-solutions

>  Research

– SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/wp-content/uploads/bchrf2.pdf

>Presentations to Government, Universities, Conferences and Community Groups

      – SEE HERE: http://www.richarddrake.net/wp-content/uploads/UBC-reports.pdf



RESUME – Richard Drake – Aug 2017




Corporate Rate: $95/hr

Community Non Profit: $50/hr








Although I have always considered myself an environmentalist, my career was jump-started by the events on Earth Day 1990. My son was 2 years old that year, so I made a commitment to expend my energies to make the world a better place for him and his generation. Living on Vancouver Island, I had a stint as a tree planter, and was shocked to see the impacts of clear-cut logging.Up to that point I had been a city dweller, and assumed that the trees I saw alongside the highways stretched forever. Considering the vast majority of these were felled to make into pulp and paper products, I believed that I could make the most impact on this issue by reducing paper made by virgin fibre with recycled paper. Thus began Comox Valley Recycling, which opened its doors in September 1990.



COMOX VALLEY, BC . 1990-1994 Project Manager

bus card -cvr
CVR was the first recycling program in the Comox Valley (population approx 50,000), a community-based partnership between Citizens Action for Recycling and the Environment (CARE) and local and federal governments. I founded the non-profit society Citizens Action for Recycling and the Environment (CARE) in 1989, and was elected the first president. CARE decided that we had to make good on our promise to replace the local landfill – the only option at the time – with a recycling program. So we applied to the Federal Environmental Partners fund, and were one of the program’s first successful recipients. I helped raise $170,000 from this fund, and then had it matched by the Comox Strathcona Regional District. In addition I brought in $120,000 cash and in-kind through various employment/training programs…….more




COMOX VALLEY, BC. 1995-2001 Project Leader and Principal Researcher

baynes soundIn 1994 Baynes Sound – the largest shellfish and oyster growing areas in Canada – was about to be shut down by Environment Canada due to water contamination, threatening a $28 million industry employing 600 people. The source was thought to be failing septic systems that poured untreated sewage into this otherwise pristine body of water. Due to my background in public education programs for environmental concerns, I was approached by The Chief Medical Officer at the time, Brian Emmerson, to see if I could raise awareness of what could an environmental catastrophe. What appeared to be needed was an analysis of the problem, and research into, and implementation of, innovative wastewater pollution solutions.

I assembled a team with representatives from the shellfish growers, environmental groups, UBC researchers, local health agencies, and other federal and provincial agencies that had a stake in the issue. This was co-ordinated by the non-profit society CARE (Citizens Action on Recycling and The Environment).The society partnered with the Institute of Health Promotion Research at UBC, and made a successful application to the BC Health Research Foundation for a four-year project, Sound Solutions.I was engaged as the Principal Researcher and Project Manager...more







In 1996 I was looking for a used computer for my then girlfriend. I finally tracked one down in the middle of a snowstorm in Cedar, Vancouver Island. Being marooned for an afternoon, I talked with the seller about his business. He assured me that I could do just what he was doing – buying used systems from Vancouver, and repairing and re-selling them. With his coaching, and others, I was soon selling a few systems a week in my new home-based business. I then started building systems from scratch. Before long it was a $50,000 per annum business.


Eventually people began to donate their used systems, often virtually new, but obsolete. I realized that these would soon be landfill, so I started to research where I could find a place to recycle them. There were very few places in North America, but I did eventually locate a business, Genesis Recycling, that collected used computers from the BC Government, banks, BC Tel and BC Hydro. They told me that they would accept computers, but only by the semi-trailer load. So my business became a community service. I organized large public drop off events-Hazardous Waste Days-in conjunction with the local government, The Regional District of Comox Strathcona. After several annual events, the demand became so large, that I sought funding to start a permanent computer recycling facility. Thus, in 2003, the community project was born, Compucycle, under the umbrella of the non-profit society Valley Links. So I became the project manager of the first public computer recycling program in British Columbia, and one of only a handful in Canada at that time….more



 CUMBERLAND, BC 2006 – 2013 Proprietor
I took my passion for recycling to save and restore period homes that would otherwise have been demolished. My first project was raising my 100 year old home, to add another storey. This involved sliding two 40 ft steel I-beams under the house, and then using a unified jacking system to place four towers of 12 by 12 “cribbing” to raise the whole house by 10 feet. The wiring, plumbing and heating system had to be reconfigured. I added a two-storey 12 by 10ft entrance way, with new stairs up to the first storey. I did all this myself (including roofing, finish carpentry and drywalling), with the exception of installing and operating the jacking system, and constructing the stairs.


This experience persuaded me that I was capable of doing this for a living, and so Cumberland Construction Services was born. I then proceeded to buy, move, lift and reconstruct 3 more period houses over the ensuing years. This involved buying three properties, barging one house from Victoria to Union Bay on Vancouver Island, and moving another from Union Bay to Cumberland…more



VANCOUVER, BC 2016 – Project Coordinator

I was hired by SPEC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) in 2016 to coordinate their new project The Elders Circle. http://www.spec.bc.ca/EldersCircle.  The SPEC Elders Circle offers a space and process that encourages deep reflection, personal connection, and intimate discussion to foster the emergence and sharing of Elder wisdom. Since its inception the project has brought together numerous elders (and youngers) to develop a new place for Elders in a culture that often relegates those past a certain age to invisible consumers of seniors programming. The centrepeice has been a series of Salons where elders are guided through an engagement process to discuss and reflect on issues that concern them. We also offer a Life Review Course, and a number of “Affinity Groups” such as Walks In Nature, and a Conscious Eldering book-club, where Elders can become involved in specific activities to grow this vibrant community








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