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I have been an environmentalist since I was a child. I discovered a sticky black substance while making sand castles on the pristine beaches where I grew up in Cornwall, England. I discovered that this was the result of oil spills in the Atlantic Ocean. In my young mind there seemed to be something wrong with this picture.

In my youth I traveled extensively. While visiting Europe’s playground, Greece, I noticed vast numbers of discarded plastic water bottles. An idea formed that was to become the theme of my life: waste to wealth. Other people’s garbage became my gold. Care for the Planet has been a life-long passion, which has been my Career for the last 25 years.

I believe each one of us can make a positive impact, so I offer eco-solutions for daily living. You can visit the Eco-Store, a list of links to featured products that help you step more lightly on earth.

I have been called, amongst other things, a Cultural Creative. My passions are writing and photography. I started writing about my travels in India in 2001, after having everything I possessed stolen at the Red Fort in Delhi. The ensuing series of emails sent to friends documented my adventures and became the book and blog Nirvana by Installments. You can follow my continuing global adventures on the blog, and also purchase the book.

I discovered digital photography when I started carrying one of the earliest digital cameras on my first trip to India. To my astonishment my photographs became an instant hit with my many email correspondents. This has morphed into a semi-professional venture, with photographs illustrating the many journeys I have in Asia, particularly India, Nepal and Thailand, and back at home in Canada. You can see some of my works in Photographs, or on my Flickr account.

I consider India to be my spiritual home, and my quest for deepening my inner life, or Care for The Soul, has taken me back there many times, studying under a number of Eastern teachers. That journey is still unfolding; such is The Great Mystery.

I have been blessed with a rich life full of diversity, challenges, lovers, laughs, fantastic friends, and a lovely family. My hope is to share some of his wealth with those less fortunate than me through a number of projects. I have been volunteering with Community organizations for half of my life. I have founded non-profits and charities, designed community projects and mobilized volunteers. Many of these projects came about through my various Funding efforts. I have recently honed these skills into Crowd-funding campaigns.

You can see my various recent claims to fame, featured by:

This site is all about me. I am a work in progress. I hope you like it. I am part Brit, part Canadian, and fully international. The world is my home, and the planet I inhabit is precious to me. So I have committed a large portion of my adult life making it a better place. I welcome you to join me on this ever-unfolding story.



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