I have been an environmental activist since I was a child. I discovered a sticky black substance while making sand castles on the pristine beaches where I grew up in Cornwall, England. This was the result of oil spills in the Atlantic Ocean.

In my 20s and 30s I travelled extensively. While visiting Europe’s playground, Greece, I noticed vast numbers of discarded plastic water bottles. An idea formed that was to become the theme of my life: waste to wealth. Other people’s garbage became my gold.

In my 40s I started writing about my travels in India. This was the result of having everything I possessed stolen at the Red Fort in Delhi. The ensuing series of emails sent to friends around the world documented my adventures and has become a book and commentary Nirvana by Installments​. It continues to be updated on where I am, whom I meet, and what I do in my travels around the world.

In my 50s I started packing around my first digital camera. To my astonishment my photographs became an instant hit with my many email correspondents. This has morphed into a semi-professional venture Richard Drake Fine Arts.

I now operate  an environmental consulting business BTR Environmental Systems with my business partner, Brad Hoffman. We both are passionate about what we do. More details of this and my other environmental projects and business interests can be found at Drake Environmental. This includes my Eco-Store which features products for sale that help you step more lightly on earth. There are also details of my other environmental initiatives: ​Hard Plastics Recycling program and 1000 Litre Green Bulk Liquid Storage Containers. I helped develop an Eco-tour project with the Singphos – a remote tribal people who live in the jungle in the Golden Triangle in Assam, next to Maynamar and China.

I am now in my 60s, and it’s time to give back. I have been blessed with a rich life full of diversity, challenges, lovers, laughs, fantastic friends, and a lovely family. My hope is to share some of his wealth with those less fortunate than me through the Drake Foundation.

The thread that pulls all this together is my ongoing blog: Power Out​. Its a commentary about my life up to now, my continuing adventure, and things that I currently think are important.

This site is all about me. I am a work in progress. I hope you like it. I am part Brit, part Canadian, and fully international. The world is my home, and the planet I inhabit is precious to me. So I have committed a large portion of my adult life making it a better place.